Bouzouki / Cittern

I make several different styles of bouzoukis/octave mandolins and citterns.The most common tunings for a four course instrument are GDAE and GDAD. My bouzoukis and ten string citterns can have different scale lengths for alternative tunings. Shorter cittern scale lengths suit a high A string, and longer fretboards suit a bass D string. All instruments can be custom designed and made to suit a particular style of playing, whether that be strumming or picking out speedy Celtic tunes. Pick ups can be installed under the saddles or using K and K soundboard systems. All instruments come with a hard case.

Pictured below are available instrument options. Please contact us with any queries on materials and pricing etc.

Burgin Bouzouki from $US 1730 (incl. shipping)


Burgin Macca Zouk Price: from $2380 US


Burgin Citterns from $US 2690 (incl. shipping)


Burgin Shanghai Bouzouki   from $US2380 (incl. shipping)


Pin bridge Cittern inquire for pricing details.

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