The Dunstan Rangers – Unhugged

“Unhugged” is a collection of fourteen original songs by the alt-country band, the Dunstan Rangers. The core members of the band are Paddy Burgin, Chris Nichol and Peter Parnham. On “Unhugged” they have been joined by Charlotte Yates, Tom Callwood from the Little Bushmen, and Murray Costello and Martin Durrant from Let’s Planet. The songs adopt the traditional country music themes of lost love, drinking and men generally not taking responsibility for themselves. They are also tinged with a suitable amount of irony, so they’re not your standard country fare.The Dunstan Rangers owe their musical style to the likes of Gram Parsons, John Prine, and Rodney Crowell. Instrumentally “Unhugged” features guitars, sax, slide guitars, electric and double bass, occasional drums and a few harmonies.

Track Samples

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Chain of Pain


Tears in my Beer

Prisoner in this Room

Katy’s Blues

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